Design for TMT and Biotech companies


Understanding how TMT and Biotech companies function and what they need to do to maintain a competitive advantage is key to understanding the workplace design strategy of these companies....

Office design for Law Firms


The legal workplace has been experiencing a decade of change. As a leading office design company we have been reviewing what makes law offices unique and how we can implement...

Workplace Design in 2018


Workplace design is a constantly evolving science and as leading workplace design strategists we constantly review the key trends and implement these for the benefit of our clients.

Pioneer Underwriters - NYC


We have been delighted to work with Pioneer Underwriters again - this time on the opening of their new offices in an iconic building at 48 Wall Street...

Office design for well-being


Targeting the ‘well-being imperative’ is a key element in embedding intelligent thinking in office design and a means by which smart businesses attract and retain....

Activity Based Working


Activity Based Working is a strategy which allows people to locate themselves in a variety of settings as appropriate to the tasks being performed....

People and sustainability


We're putting people and sustainability at the heart of the design process and recognising that great organisations (whether large or small) thrive when....

The next decade in workplace design


Conducting research around workplace design within a dynamic and unpredictable global market place strengthens the imperative for a....

Workplace design for the millennial


The design of the workplace is one of the most visible and important expressions of an organisations commitment to the millennial worker.

Strengthening the workplace community


The last decade in design has indicated a renewed imperative to strengthen the human dynamic when we think about workplace design.

Research-based workplace design


Workplace design is a science; a problem-solving exercise backed by research, analysis, elimination of preconceptions and logical outcomes.

Flexibility - The key to productivity


As a leading Workplace Design Consultancy, we are defining how ‘flexibility’ can be leveraged to improve productive outcomes for clients.

Workplace Design Best-Practice


As leading Workplace Design Consultants we are constantly researching how societal and demographic changes across the globe are affecting our clients.

A healthier workplace ecosystem


Activity Based Working reshapes the physical and virtual workspace by enabling staff the flexibility to locate based on their specific activity.

Project: Paxton Access


Paxton acquired the vacant freehold building next door to their existing premises and, following a recommendation, asked NHQ to turn it into a technology centre that matched their needs a...

The new Legal Workplace


According to a recent article in the Estates Gazette UK based legal firms are beginning to change their work space requirements to reflect new models of working.