Rémy Cointreau is a luxury, French drinks brand, founded in 1724 and now headquartered in Paris. They manufacture and distribute a portfolio of exceptional spirits internationally. 


The comprehensive refurbishment coincided with the start of a new lease on our client’s existing space on the 3rd floor of 40 Berners Street in London’s West End. The brief included a review of the way staff worked to ensure that the new layout was more flexible and efficient and completely fit-for-purpose for the new lease term. A new front-of-house was to be developed to give clients an immersive experience, fully reflective of the Rémy Cointreau brand. Our clients temporarily relocated out of the space to enable works to proceed and the whole project had to be delivered against a fast-track programme to enable our clients to return to the completed space on time.


Understanding the story behind the brand was an important element in the design-brief, but above all our clients wanted a space that was sympathetic with the building, providing an environment where staff would feel comfortable and giving clients an impressive visitor experience. Our clients also needed to accommodate a 60% headcount growth in the new space. Removing the cellular offices and entrance corridor created a large, open space inviting natural light to flow and creating a more efficient planning matrix for the increased staff numbers. The design included two, strategically located, hot-desking lounges to encourage staff to move around throughout the day and choose the working environment most suited to the task in hand. The bar is celebrated as a key part of the client experience; located next to the meeting suite, clients can move seamlessly from the meeting rooms into the drinking area without needlessly disrupting the main work zones. An industrial-lux finishes palette was selected to balance the client’s request for an industrial aesthetic with the luxury heritage of the brand. Re-use of some of our clients soft furniture and architectural lighting adds an important sustainable element to the design, whilst fluted banquette seating, warm shades of timber flooring and a careful selection of on-brand paint colours brings warmth and comfort to the space.